Osnabrücker Speedmetal Urgestein

1986: Founded in May
1986: Ralf Maunert, Reinhard Kruse, Franck Tiesing; Bloodsucker Demo (MC), Album “Satans Defloration Incorporated” at Scratchcore Records, Single live appearances in northern germany
1987: Single appearances in northern germany
1988: Album “Sign of the wicked”at Scratchcore Records, Franck Tiesing was replaced by Rainer Rage, “Sign of the wicked tour ‘88” germany
1989: Album “Mistreated” at Hot Blood Records
1990: European Tour 1990 (Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, etc)
1991: Czechoslowakian Tour ‘91; Split
2014: Reunion; Video “I don’t care”
2015: “Bloodsucker Demo 1986” is published as Vinyl edition by F.O.A.D-Records; European Tour 2015/2016 (Germany “Metal Assault”, Bulgary, Czech Rep., Slovakian Rep., Italy, etc)
2016: European Tour 2015/2016 (Germany “Keep it true”, Spain, Czech Rep., etc) Break (Ralf Maunert is still in the band, Christoph Olbrich joined the band
2017: Single appearances all over Europe (Czech Rep. “Extreme Obscene”, Germany, Bulgary, etc) Rainer Rage leaves the band; Daniel H. joins SDI and plays his first gig (the tynfest/Czech Republic); Demo “Ballrun Demo 2017”
2018: Video recordings, Audio Recordings, Megamoshiberian tour 2018