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East Freasian Punk Core

East Freasian Punk Core

East Freasian Punk Core

Drugstop is a hardcore band with a punk attitude. No solutions, just opinions and life experience.

Formed in late 2002 drugstop wasted no time to start a crusade of pure speed rock violence. they recorded their classic s/t debut single in early 2003. fans and critics were just stunned by the moment the needle hit the wax. they all wanted more... in early 2004 the band got back in the soundlodge studio to record the next killer seven inch. it was called “machine gun” and that´s the way it sounds: pure hate and energy that´s hitting everything in reach. the band played some unforgettable shows with bands like alice donut (usa) , sick terror (brazil) or their label mates the manikins (swe). in late 2005 the drummer left the band and was replaced by jörg uken of the soundlodge studio to record their third single “ i need a drink” , an instant classic including two originals and a superb cover version of g.g. allin`s “no rule” and the killer smash hit “go nowhere” by reagan youth, going back directly to the dirty roots of rock. in april 2007 they put out their first full album "riot in the jailhouse". the result was overwhelming. what a killer record! the first edition of vinyl was sold out in less than 4 weeks. the band ist still alive blasting out new songs with no compromise. they even have been to the u.s.a. - and the riot will continue...



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